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Leaving Too; The Twilight Series; Jasper/Edward; PG-13

Title: Leaving Too
Fandom: The Twilight Series (Novels)
Characters/Parings: Edward/Jasper
Word Count: 1,320
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Maybe you should go to Alaska after all."are words that should never be said.
Author's Notes: This was for twilight_tables. The prompt was "Overflowing." Sky also bated this. I love her, a lot. The quote that Jasper says was said by Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This is, also, as close to sex as I will ever take you.

Leaving Too

I sat on my bed and closed my eyes tightly. I heard his thoughts and his footsteps fell softly on the wood floor of the bedroom. His apologetic nature and thoughts ate at my brain. He didn’t need to verbalize any of the apologies because he knew I heard them regardless.
I felt the bed seep under his weight as he sat down next to me. If he’d just gone out with Emmett this never would have happened, but then I couldn’t blame him for it—it was just our nature.

I opened my eyes and looked over at him when his hand came down gently on mine and. His blond hair was flung over his eyes so that I could barely see them under it. Guilt ate my heart, chewed it into pieces, and then handed me back the parts that hadn’t been swallowed whole.

"I’m sorry Edward. You can’t feel guilty, that’s my job in this situation," I looked down at the bed spread and pulled my hand out from under his. His mind was screaming apology after apology and I felt my own hands smooth my temples, rubbing with vigor although I knew it wouldn’t help the pain that was building inside of me.

His mind quieted, but he was still thought of the same things repeatedly. He realized that his thoughts were too loud when I turned my head to gaze at him. He looked up, his eyes opening slowly with a lovely grace to glance at me.

"I know. I’m trying not to blame you...but Jasper..." He kept staring at me, nothing changing in his expression and thoughts the entire time I was talking

"Maybe you should go to Alaska after all." He nodded at me but said nothing more.

"Jasper...please say something," He dropped his head, and his hungry eyes fell from mine. He whispered something that I could not hear, and then repeated his statement more loudly when I made a soft sound, a sigh.

"As the seas and the oceans are overflowing with water, so vast are my own sins. Edward, I have nothing else to say—I can’t feel anything but guilt and hunger. I can’t think of anything but ‘I’m sorry’ and I can’t express my sadness about the event. So tell me what you’d like to hear and I’ll say it, but I can’t say anything of my own because I have nothing for you,” He’d looked back up at me as he spoke the words and I felt the heat rolling off of him. “I have nothing for you anymore." Unable to control the impulses of my body, I leaned to him. He fell back for a moment in fear but realized I would cause him no harm and leaned into me.

I had only kissed one other vampire with passion in my lengthy lifetime and Carlisle’s kisses for nothing like Jasper’s. Jasper was fierce and his lips fit perfectly against my own, his mind blank with nothing but bliss as the intensity rose between us. The silence in my brain and the power in the movements of Jasper’s body were so powerful, wonderful, that I crushed my body against his.

Bella felt like a distant memory as I rolled on top of him on the bed. He bucked up against me. I gasped and he laughed before forcing his upper body up as well and pushing his lower body away from me. Our lips reconnected and he pushed me over, landing on top of me. I bit and nibbled at his lip and he smiled into mine before rubbing his hands slowly up my arms. He stopped when he reached my neck but he let his lips wander in a downward direction.

Kissing, biting and licking my skin as he made it to my neck. And then he popped the buttons off my shirt with his gentle hands. He ran his hands over my chest and then his mouth and lips followed.

I said, “Ahhh. Jasper, stop. Please."

He stopped and looked up at me, his mind started to run again. "Why?" I stopped and thought about why I’d asked him to stop and I couldn’t remember because it was just on instinct.

"I...It’s just that..." Can’t you answer the question, Edward?

I shook my head. No, I couldn’t think of a good reason, besides the girls, but they were trivial at this point because Bella was gone and Alice had known this was going to happen, albeit keeping a few details from me. Give Jasper a chance when he comes to you. It was almost laughable that Jasper attacking my girlfriend would end up leading us together like this.


"She was right, you know." A reluctant pause. "You dazzle everyone."

"I dazzle Jasper? That would explain how, until this very moment, I’d thought you completely straight." He laughed at it. He could be my relief for what I had to do now. I’d made up my mind before he’d even entered the room and I had to follow through on it. Jasper was the last one to know and soon would probably be a good time to tell him the plan that the entire family was already in on.

Jasper’s hands came up. He started to methodically button up my white shirt. One by one each button found its home in the perfect stitched hole opposite it. He didn’t button up the top two buttons however and his right hand reached up a bit farther and rested softly atop my cheek. The smile faded off my face as he traced my lips with his fingers.

"Do you still think I should go to Alaska?" he asked, and the flow of my thoughts seemed to stop dead.

He gave me a quick kiss before letting my answer spill from my lips. "Yes. Take Alice and go to Alaska."

He gave me a look that ate my heart before asking yet another question that I didn’t want him to ask, although I knew that would not stop him.

"Does that mean you’re going to stay here?" I pushed him off of me and swung my legs off the bed.

"No I’m leaving too." Jasper just stared at me and I left the room, not bothering to close the door. Alice looked oddly at me also as I walked down the stairs and ran out the door over to Bella’s.

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